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Mobile Billboards and other non-traditional outdoor advertising services have been Traffic Displays’ specialty since 1996. Our high quality products and industry experience provide our customers with service that is second to none.

We are the only single source provider of alternative outdoor advertising services that include: Mobile Billboard Trucks, Aerial Billboard Advertising, Glass Showcase, and Street Team Advertising with Ad-Bikes and Scooter Billboards. Traffic Displays will deliver your message to your target audience anytime, anywhere.
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Breaking News! Traffic Displays' incorporates a fleet of eco-friendly Mobile Billboards. Our bio-fuel units are 40% more fuel efficient than the dated industry standard trucks. Traffic Displays continues to raise the bar of the ever-changing outdoor advertising industry.

Traffic Displays' continued investment in the latest vehicles proves its dedication to being an environmentally conscious mobile billboard company that is here to stay.

Our facilities are conveniently based in the Midwest and allow us to efficiently cover the entire eastern half of the U.S. We guarantee to offer the highest quality mobile billboard services and the best value for your advertising dollar.
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